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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 29, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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in for a rough time. we'll have regular updates, of course, and . got him looking. the giants have won it all. >> a series sweep. the san francisco giants claim their second world championship in three years. we will have a report from detroit coming up. >> i'm bob redell live at at&t park. fans are eagerly awaiting their giants. that story is coming up. and get ready for another ticker tape parade. this is the scene in 2010. it will be much of the same on wednesday. and the city of san francisco cleaning up this morning after those world series celebrations turned to vandalism and violence. i'll show you the damage coming up. we received the latest
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advisory when it comes to hurricane sandy. we will show you the forecast and intensity. this is a bad one guys, stay tuned for that. we are looking at what we are dealing within the bay area. this is a live look at san jose. we will have a full look at the forecast with christina. you are watching bay area from us. they must be giants. the giants sweeping their way to a second world series title in just three years. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. jon kelley has the day off. >> i'm marla tellez. the giants are the new world series champs and a big story this season. redemption. barry zito erased all of the past failures. >> and sandoval went from bench
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warmer from the 2010 world series to 2012 world series mvp. >> we have team coverage on all things giants this morning. bob redell is awaiting the team's homecoming at at&t park. christie smith is keeping an eye on the fan celebrations. let's start with lauren scott in detroit who was in the locker room. lawrence, good morning. >> reporter: what a tremendous night last night here in detroit and a scene that will not soon be forgotten. the giants winning the second world series in three years. afterwards in the clubhouse, the celebration was intense. take a look. the champagne was flying. >> oh, that's cold. >> you did it! >> that's a great mentor to be sprayed by. will the thrill. >> the team won 94 games. this team was loaded with talent
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and incredible grit and determination. >> i don't see any reason why we have no reason to do it. you have to look at it that way as you build the team. we made adjustments with scutaro. >> reporter: great scene from here in detroit. you look at the 2010 team, the band of misfits and you see the group of guys that came together and giants winning the world championship. now two years later, the team that could not be eliminated, doing the unthinkable in the post season, never saying die. truly tremendous stuff. a great thrill to bring you the story from detroit. i'm lawrence scott. back to you in the studio. thanks. the giants will not be home until this afternoon. fans snapping up championship gear and others are outside at&t
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park. we have bob redell live outside at&t park. when are they expected to arrive? >> reporter: later in the afternoon. good morning, laura. a few fans are outside at&t park. they are cozy in the chairs because they have awa wait. the plane is expected to arrive at 3:00 at sfo. that means the bus will be here at 4:00. there were more fans outs here outside at&t park at o'dark 30 this morning. still being up early this morning had its rewards. the scene at 7:00 when the doors opened at the sports authority on fulsom looked like this for fans to get their hands on the world series giants t-shirts. this he were still packed in
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shipping boxes. more boxes are expected to come in throughout the day. the store says sales were not as brisk after the 2010 win. two years ago, steady stream of customers all day. so far this morning it has been a trickle. the other hot must have this morning, the newspaper with the headline, "giants sweep!" several fans mobbed the truck driver coughing up three quarters for the piece of memorabilia. the driver said he has not seen that demand for that newspaper since the loma earthquake. >> i'm not surprised they did this at all. >> i don't know if i can formulate anything good to say other than screaming. >> just how proud we are as fans and as a city. so grateful for everything they have done for the season. glad all of our support has led to something really good.
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>> reporter: now you remember in 2010, the victory celebration parade for the giants back then weaved through downtown san francisco. this time it is a straight shot up market street and ticker tape parade up to the civic center plaza for a party there. that will take place this wednesday at 11:00. they are saying it will start at market street. we assume they are talking about justin herman plaza. the giants are expected to land at sfo at 3:00. if you want to catch them here at at&t park, you want to be here by 3:30. reporting live, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, bob. we will have continuing coverage of the giants world series win all day long. be sure to stay with nbc bay area especially on wednesday. we'll have live coverage of the celebration parade. celebrations lasted into the morning across the bay area.
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many of them crowded san francisco's civic center plaza to see their team take the world series title. this was the scene before things got out of hand in san francisco. there were fires, injuries and even the s.w.a.t. team called in overnight to restore some order. nbc bay area's christie smith joins us live in san francisco with a look at the damage from the celebrations. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. neighbors say things were fine for the first two hours of the celebration, but people kept drinking and that's when things turned side ways. i got off the phone with san francisco police. they tell me 35 people were arrested last night mostly in the mission district. business owners show up to see what was left behind. people painted all over. near at&t park, broken windows and a muni bus burned and police
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in riot gear formed lines allowing firefighters in. the crowds were huge as people were pushed to the fires and police had bottles thrown at them. one cabbie had a window broken out. >> i celebrate at my house with my family. >> what do you think of this? >> this is awful. it is good to celebrate, but in a good way. not doing this. embarrassing. >> they got the title. after the title, they should have it on the windshield. they shot at it. >> reporter: the windshield of the cab was broken.
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there were police cars vandalized as well. i asked the police if this will impact the way they cover the parade. they said no, they will stick with the plan from 2010. you see world champs there. if steve can pan up, "go giants." this goes down the block. before we check out, i want to show you the building across the street. this is not unusual. this is what you're seeing in the mission that people are trying to clean up right now. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. the giants world series win is a top story here, on the east coast, sandy is making headlines. sandy is gaining strength as it heads to the east coast. president obama had a message to the public. >> please listen to what your state and local officials are saying. when they tell you to evacuate, you need to evacuate. do not delay. don't pause. >> in new york city, water is
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already flooding battery park. the city could get the worst of the storm surge up to an 11 foot wall of water that could hit manhattan. mayor bloomberg is urging residents to listen to evacuation orders. >> on the coast and waterways have begun rising and are expecting to remain at higher levels for the next 24 hours. >> and here's a look at times square earlier this morning. a relative ghost town all because of sandy. mass transit and schools are closed. in addition to the evacuation in the big apple, also a number of other cities on the east coast. wall street shutdown for the first time since the september 11th attacks. it gives you an idea of how bad sandy is expected to be. sandy leaving a mark on parts of north carolina. these are pictures from curo beach 30 miles north of
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wilmington. rising tides flooded homes. as many as 50 million people are in that hurricane's path. >> let's get right to meteorologist christina loren who has been tracking hurricane sandy all morning long. >> this is something that meteorologists can only dream up. when you think of all of the interesting components that are coming together and the timing of the storm. let's take you out live and show you the seas are getting very violent out here at dewey beach in delaware. 100 miles away from this location and feeling the impact of the brunt of the outer bands of sandy. hurricane sandy gained strength after crossing the loop current. it is a warm current in the atlantic. they move north bay and they lose that intensity. she has strengthened. maximum sustained winds up to 90 miles per hour. landfall expected late this afternoon. along the jersey shore at 125
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miles south of new york city. the power of the storm is unprecedented. we look at the pressure. the pressure will drop to 970 or 980 millibars with the category one storm. sandy's pressure is 940 millibars rivaling a category three or four storm. high waves and winds. you know the buildings are so tall in new york city and boston and philadelphia. we have never seen wind events with winds in this area. it is hard to gauge the area. the aftermath could be more expensive than the damage from katrina. we are watching this one very, very closely. just a huge storm sprawling storm at 1,000 miles. >> oh, my goodness. one to watch. thank you. someone in the bay area is now a millionaire. we will tell you where the winning super lotto ticket was sold.
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it's unbelievable. it's something i definite -- i think this time around, i appreciate it even more because i understand the difficulty of winning. >> that's right. twice in three years. the giants are once again world series champions. we will have a live report coming up. in other news now, prices at pump are continuing to fall. the average cost for a gallon of gas in san jose has fallen to $4.11. this is a 24-cent drop compared to last week. last year, gas was 30 cents lower than right now. today was the day that facebook employee cost finally sell their shares. back in august, the big money
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with early investors. today was the little guy's turn. as far as sandy, we won't know that for some time. the physical damage is one part of the cost. one-third of americans live in the storm corridor. the markets are closed today. hurricane sandy, of course, making headlines throughout the weather departments across the nation. including right here. we have it easy in the bay area. christina loren, how is it looking? >> we will watch and see as sandy moves ashore. our hearts and prayers are with them. we are getting spoiled with fantastic weather. this is the time of year we traditionally do. 11:16 now. taking a live look. almost completely clear in san raphael. as we get into the afternoon hours, maybe a half hour or hour away from clearing in san jose.
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this is san bruno for you. this will clear as we head through 12:30 or 1:00 p.m. 55 degrees in novato and 56 in napa. your full sunshine in gilroy at 66 degrees. santa cruz socked in with fog in the upper 50s. we will continue to see visibility creep up. i want to point out in napa, we have .25 or less. 80 degrees in livermore. 79 for gilroy. 73 degrees in san jose. temperatures are going to start to tumble as we go into tomorrow. the rain moves in for the seconds half of your halloween. the good news is, ladies, look at that clock. we stop it for you at 5:00 p.m. the rain will hold off for the san francisco giants parade. we have a lot of rain overnight wednesday into thursday. that will make for a rough morning drive.
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we have yellow and deep green and light green. light-to-moderate showers on the way to the bay area. we will start to see temperatures creep up. 70s and 80s. you want to plan on bringing something. a poncho to protect your halloween costume this year. a lot of people will get dressed up. over to you. thanks. the air force 129th rescue wing of the air national guard is getting ready to deploy to the eastern seaboard. its mission is to help people affected by hurricane sandy. you are looking at live pictures from moffett field. a couple of c-130 aircraft and two swift water rescue teams and two rescue helicopters are scheduled to leave moffett in 45 minutes most likely headed to
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north carolina. >> once the hurricane begins to settle into the east coast, we'll send the forces where need be. the helicopters go to one location and the para rescue forces can go to another. >> the 129th will take the lead in conducts whatever rescue operations are necessary on the east coast. overseeing all over agencies. it is one of three rescue outfits of its kind in the country. sandy is delaying the reopening of the statue of liberty. the national park service says lady liberty will open on wednesday. the statue had been undergoing a year long $30 million renovation. that included putting in new stairs and wheelchair access. still ahead, the luckiest ticket in the bay area. someone bought a super lotto ticket worth $13 million. we'll tell you where it was sold. to join our discussion,
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check us out on facebook. search nbc bay area. take a look at the sunol grade. loving the bay area weather this morning. we have a lot more ahead. stick around. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true.
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...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios giving you a live look at at&t park. the fans, about a dozen of them, waiting for our giants to return home. san francisco is the home of the world series champs. hurricane sandy is affecting hundreds of people in the bay area as dozens of flights have been canceled at local airports. at san francisco international, 150 flights bound for the east coast have been grounded. all of the flights to jfk and
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baltimore and boston and philadelphia and newark and washington, d.c. have been canceled for the day. some even canceled for tomorrow as well. one passenger we met this morning is an emergency responder for fema and he is headed into the eye of the storm. >> this is bigger than anything they ever witnessed. i have been in katrina, rita, wilma. this is a lot larger. >> you are still okay if your flight is a go? you don't mind flying? >> no. >> it's your job? >> it's what i do. >> now coast-to-coast flights are canceled at oakland and san jose international airports. a grocery store just sold a super lotto ticket at best food at stockton and broadway in chinatown. it is worth $13 million. the store owner will get $60,000 for selling the winning ticket.
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here are the numbers. 5, 14, 36, 38, 47 and the mega number is 18. the winner has 180 days to claim that prize. >> what are you waiting for? check your wallet. coming up, we have more coverage of the giants world series win still ahead. i'm bob redell. we will tell you where and when you want to be out here today to see the world series champions as they come home from detroit. that story coming up.
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die hard giants fans are waiting for the orange and black to return to at&t park. >> they are lining up to welcome home the world champion champio. we have bob redell with the latest. >> reporter: this is the headline this morning. people have been collecting these since we have been out
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here at o'dark 30. these are the gates here at at&t park. sfo tells us the charter plane is expected to land at 3:00. you have to imagine the drive time to here. a bit different from 2010. they showed up at 5:00 in the morning. about a couple hundred fans out here to see the trophy and talk to the players. it will be interesting this time around. the ticker tape parade is scheduled for wednesday at 11:00 at market street to the civic center plaza. reporting live here at at&t park, bob redell. >> your coverage here on nbc bay area. a lot to celebrate. >> looking forward to it. join us tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. you can join us on have a great day. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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